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Việt Nam, giống như hầu hết các nước trên thế giới, hiện đang tiếp cận lượng thông tin trực tuyến rất lớn. Trong xu hướng toàn cầu này, thế hệ trẻ Việt Nam đặc biệt chuộng Internet. Sự chuyển dịch kinh tế xã hội, kết hợp với quá trình tiếp xúc các nội dung và ý tưởng từ nước ngoài, nhấn mạnh các giá trị mới – những giá trị định vị khoảng cách giữa các thế hệ, phân biệt người trẻ với những thế hệ trước.

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In the true fashion of each era, each generation has different and unique characteristics, trends and personality traits. If the age of gen Y (MILLENNIALS) is the digital age, then in the era of gen Z (ZOOMERS), we live in the atmosphere of the 4th industrial revolution. And the birth of each Generation marked the outstanding transformation of each era.

2.Age 3.0 - Digital Revolution

Born in the digital age, gen Y has left a significant change with a proud self-portrait. Generation Y, also known as “Millennials”, includes people born between the early 80s and mid 90s (1981-1995).

First, the change in the way of views, thinking and acting. If before, Generation X often tended to "Sacrifice" - work for the family or raise their children to be successful… then in Gen Y, they have begun to understand how to live for themselves, for their own purposes, goals and aspirations. They seem to have extended the ropes of freedom for themselves in both thinking and acting. And it can be considered that the keyword in this generation is "START-SHIP", they love to experience, discover, innovate...

3.Industry 4.0 - Industrial Revolution

The era 4.0 - the technocratic era (the era of technology reigns) marks a new step in the development of mankind, and also marks the birth of Gen Z. With the development of Internet information technology, they have "activated" touch buttons to make life faster, more compact, and more convenient. Now, distance is no longer the boundary that prevents meetings and separation when there is the internet and smart devices. With that quick support, Gen Z has applied it and put it into many self - family - social development projects.

Gen Z often chooses to do things in a smart, flexible way. In particular, they often like challenges, take risks and choose for themselves a life full of experiences. Living in the new era, the concept and thinking about many social issues have also made much progress. Now, they not only bury their heads in work, but they also spend time loving themselves in many ways: fulfilling their passions, choosing gap - year,... Moreover, in the current era, a minimalist lifestyle is preferred by them. It is this development that has brought many positive influences to the society and atmosphere of the times.


Eras - Generations are always placed in a dialectical relationship, constantly interacting, filling and complementing each other. It is this harmonious and complementary interaction that will kick-start the development of all mankind and also provide new stepping stones of innovation and improvement. Therefore, we today, know better than the previous generations and have the right to trust in ourselves, and the generations to come!